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Woodsure Gives You Peace Of Mind

Safeguarding the interests of woodfuel users

Fuel quality is a vitally important consideration for anyone operating a wood burning stove; poor quality fuel is one of the main causes of faults, chimney fires, air quality issues and breakdowns.

As the person at the end of the supply chain, protecting the interests of the woodfuel consumer is their paramount consideration. Ultimately, Woodsure is all about ensuring consumer satisfaction and safeguarding consumer interests. Whilst they work closely with woodfuel producers, the primary ethos of their scheme is to ensure quality standards for the benefit of the woodfuel user.

Although man has been burning wood for millennia, the population of the UK moved to fossil fuels in the 20th century, with the result that a lot of the expertise and knowledge about woodfuel was lost. In order for woodfuel to become a viable component of the sustainable energy mix it must achieve standardisation as the sector continues to grow. This will enable woodfuel to deliver reliability, efficiency and economy that puts it on a par with the products from any other type of energy provider. To strive for anything less would risk jeopardising the future of an environmentally-responsible energy resource that they at Woodsure believe in passionately.

Why use Woodsure accredited fuel?

  • The fuel will be the right size.
  • The fuel will have the right moisture content for your stove to work at optimum efficiency.
  • It provides a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your appliance, securing your warranty.

In short, you will have fewer issues with your stove, your appliance will run more efficiently, with reduced reliance upon back-up systems.

Use their supplier search facility to find the nearest Woodsure accredited supplier in your area.

Complaint resolution

In the unlikely event that issues about fuel quality should arise then they can offer a mediation service to help resolve the problem. Woodsure can sample and test the fuel to ensure it conforms to the standard you requested; they will arbitrate between the parties involved and seek to resolve the problem to achieve a fair and equitable outcome as quickly as possible.

Woodsure gives you peace of mind.

Woodsure assurance certifies that woodfuel conforms to a certain standard, that the producer knows how to produce fuel that is the correct size and moisture content for your appliance, and that the supplier understands how to ensure fuel is delivered to you without compromising this standard. These factors are central to ensuring the smooth operation of a wood fuel appliance.